I’m going to Uni!

So on Saturday I leave Grimsby and move to Sheffield. This will be the first time I’ve moved out and it’s freaking me the fuck out. I’m going to study Interactive Media with Animation which is pretty cool but the thought of leaving all the people I see on a regular basis is scary. I think I’m more scared about losing contact with friends have made over the past few years, people I have become close with. I will still have a few people I know down there when I move but like I said it will be weird. Strangely enough I’m actually going to miss Grimsby in general, it’s so shit but it feels like it’s my shit town. When I meet people from afar and they ask where I’m from I like to joke about the fact I packed fish in Grimsby (stereotype motherfucker).

But lets look on the brighter side, despite the fact I am leaving my friends now this is a whole new chapter in my life about to begin, I am going to be living with complete strangers and making completely new friends and it will turn me into a better person and broaded my horizon. With living in sheffield as well I can finally start going to see bands that I like since I actually live in an area where bands come to visit so yay.

So if I don’t see you before I leave. BYE (I will be home at christmas)

Okay I finished my first game!

So after getting really pissy at my code I managed to finish my first game in Actionscript 3.0. This game is not very good at all and is very very basic. It’s all coded using OOP and using class files and not like traditional flash so it proved to be more of a challenge. I am glad it is over with though and I think I shall start working on my new game very soon. Just gonna take a lot of work! So yeah, here it is!

(it takes a while for it to load, it will be blank for a minute or two)


Shoot Em

Hey guys, so I have started making a Shoot Em Up in AS3 as part of one of my units. So far I have just got 2 game states working with it displaying sprites. My aim is to continue to work on this game after the unit is finished and publish it online. So far it literally does nothing, but I am just working on character movement and boundaries for the player. 

Learning C++

I have started to learn C++ to help my understanding of knowledge. Here is the first game (well kind of) I have created. It only requires you too input a few things and it will do the rest but it shows my progession. The .exe is avaliable by clicking —> Here.


Here is a screenshot!

Youtube Channel (click here)

Hey! I would appreciate it if you guys could subscribe to my channel on youtube. It is will I will be playing around with different filiming techniques and making the odd videos. They may not be that great but I would love it if you could subscribe!

Thank you!

I have started adding my environment, i i thought I would start doing this before I finish my house. As you can see I have added a simple sky texture for now and some simple grass textures. I will most likley improve this later on.

This is a slightly updated version of my house, this has been textured on the most part. I still need to add windows and other features to the house to make it work.

This a fan made game trailer I had to make for one of my units. I had to put the clips together myself and they contained no sound. I had to add all the sound effects and music in.

It has really started coming along now the actual model of the house, still very basic and lacks detail but it is getting there!

This is what I have so far, I am basing my haunted house on this picture. This is very basic with no detail.

Haunted House

Our current project is to create a haunted house environment in Autodesk Maya. I will be showing the development stages on here.

These are the kind of haunted hosues I am going for in the project, I will be using these for inspiration throughout.

This is some work I did in my 3D lesson, this is Lofty from Bob the Builder and you can see the different view points and you can see the current version rendered.

2011 Update!

Hey guys, it has been a while since I posted on here about what I have been doing. So first off I have started looking around Universities, hopefully I will be going to Sheffield Hallam as the course their looks pretty damn good! Yeah…That’s the first bit, second bit is that I have actually started taking programming more serious, I am aiming to do a little bit each night and improve my skills in AS3!

I have started work on a game in College which has just started development, I don’t think I can really say much about it now because that will kinda ruin the whole thing and things may change, but I am actually quite excited to be working on this game. I have actually created the basic engine for the game which will be working around, that was created using Flash CS5.5, I am actually contemplating porting it over to FlashDevelop and using some of the FlashPunk libraries but I don’t know how well that will benefit me programming wise.

We will see!

So yeah, I will actually start posting on this blog more often now I am back in college, in the mean time check out my other blog here!

Good bye!

I thought I would make a post to say thank you and good bye to probably one of the greatest men in our lifetime. If it wasn’t for you Steve we wouldn’t have a lot of the things we have today, things we take for granted. RIP Steve, you will be missed.