The ASA is Advertising Standards Authority, their aim is to make sure the advert companies produce meet the standards and that customers will enjoy them and that they can trust them to. They’re an Independent watchdog and maintain the standards of adverts; they have a mandatory code of conduct the adverts must obey. One of the things they do is make sure the adverts companies will be suited for the general public; all claims in said adverts have to be backed up by some form of evidence. The ASA’s advertising rules are some of the strictest in the world and maintain a high standard.

They deal with all different types of adverts these are:

-          Print and Press Ads

-          Posters

-          Television Commercials

-          Radio Ads

-          Internet Ads

-          Email and Text messages

-          Direct mail

-          Competitions/Special Offers

-          Sales Promotions

-          Cinema Commercials

-          Teleshopping

The ASA was first established in 1962 to look at non broadcast commercials but in 2004 OFCOM gave the ASA authority to regulate broadcasted commercials such as TV ads, and Radio ads.

ASA in the Games Industry:

The ASA monitor all the adverts that are produced by the Games Industry, the Gaming Industry is one of the biggest in the world with many games being released and the ASA have to make sure that the commercials that are released about a game are not misleading to the consumer, they have to make sure that the advert doesn’t promise features that the game doesn’t have, and that all footage from the game is correct and not edited for the commercial. If a commercial for a game is aired and doesn’t show gameplay footage they must state on the commercial that the footage is not gameplay, this is if the advert shows a cut scene or some sort of cgi footage made specifically for the advert.

Example of an advert banned by the ASA:

In August 2010 the ASA banned an XBOX 360 commercial which showed gameplay footage of Final Fantasy 13, the footage was from the PS3 version of the game and not the XBOX 360 version. The ASA banned the advert because it went against the ASA codes and it was misleading since the PS3 version of the game has better visuals, this was misleading for the consumer.


Basic Gravity + Movement (test it here)

Here i have got the basic character movement from earlier and added gravity to it, the ball will now drop from the sky and you can control it from left to right as it falls. To do this i only had to add a few extra lines of code here what it is.


moveSpeed = 12;

acc = 4;

time = 0;

fps = 20;

here i added 3 extra lines the onClipEvent(load) section these are acc,time,and fps. ACC is acceleration, this is how fast the ball will fall from the sky, time is how much time has passed and fps is frames per second.

The next bit of code i added is this:

time = time+1/fps;

this._y += Math.pow(time, 2)*acc;

this basically tells the ball to fall at the speed of what i set the acceleration to. 

Basic Character Movement (test it there)

Currently I am just researching into actionscript, so within my research i have started looking into character movement since this will most likely play a large role in the game we’re currently producing. The .swf up there is nothing big it’s just moving a a circle around but it just shows character movement.

The actionscript i used to create this is below:


moveSpeed = 12;


this determines how fast the character will move, the higher the number the faster he will move. 



this._x += moveSpeed;



this._y -= moveSpeed;



this._y += moveSpeed;



this._x -= moveSpeed;



this just simply tells the computer that when you press down the direction buttons the character will move in that direction. 

Evaluation of my logo and games case

In the last 4 weeks I started designing my own logo for a games company and my own games case for the xbox 360. I started off the design process by writing all my ideas down in on a piece of paper, branching all my ideas and expanding on them. The reason we did this was so we could have a wide variety of ideas and so that all the ideas we make we can improve on them.

That was pretty much the basic part of the unit, I then went onto creating the logo i did this my choosing the name and drawing the different logo ideas branching from the name

I drew a few ideas out all that could fit the name apocolypse, i then chose 3 of the ideas and drew them in a bit more detail. The one i finally went with with was the controller logo. 

The idea of this logo was that i would of replaced the joystick with a mushroom cloud to represent an apocolypse. The idea sounded god on paper but in the end i decided to change the design to a more simpler design, this was because the logo i had chosen to create was too time consuming and was a lot more difficult to produce then i first thought. I then had to pick a different logo design and that is when i chose the current logo design. The design was originally supposed to be the word apocolypse with flame coming off looking destroyed but I then decided to change this from having flames to looking more destroyed. 

The first design i came up with was brown and had a black stroke around the edges, i eventually changed this because i though’t the stroke made it look to childish, the next one i removed the stroke and made the brown a little lighter, again i didn’t really like this logo idea but i thought it was going all the right lines. The next one i changed the colour to be more dark, i added some extra cracks on it to. This one is probably my favourite of the 3 and chose it too be my final design but i still think i could improve it. To improve the logo i could make it more simpler and just improve the final design of the logo.

Now i had a logo i started creating the games case, the game idea was something pretty stupid but it was something i just wanted to make on the short course. The game was going to be called snoop dogg vs the world. I created my first games case and i decided to redesign it, this was because i was missing the back of the case. Since i had to create the back of the case as well i decided to redesign the case, overall i think it looked a lot better then what it did, but i still think i could improve the final design. For example i could move some text around to be in a more appropriate place, i could add more gameplay descriptions on the back,  and i could just tidy it up a little bit more. it here)

So today i started researching into Flash and actionscript, to do this i found a basic tutorial online ( and followed it to learn basic actionscript. The game i made was a basic shooting game where you have to shoot the face, there is no score and all it does is play a sound clip when you shoot the face.

I created the sprites by drawing the smiley faces and turning them into a movie clip, i dead created a few more key frames within the movieclip of where you could see the face dying.

I told flash to make the sprite start off screen and move along the screen and when reached to the end of the screen reset, i also told to duplicate the sprites i did that with this bit of actionscript: for(i=1;i<=5;i++)




I then told flash that when ever i clicked on the smiley face it would play through the rest of the movie clip and play a sound clip.
The reason i have started looking into flash is because we have been given a brief by the N.E.Lincs council and the concept team have come up with the idea of having a web based game.

Software Used In The Industry

During the short course we have been using different software to create our logos and game cases, there are also other software that are used in the industry that i am going to write about.

Photoshop is heavily used in the industry and is mainly used for photo manipulation and image creation, you can also use programs such as Illustrator to create images and there is one main difference between Photoshop and Illustrator, that is that photoshop uses pixels where as Illustrator uses vectors. The downside of using photoshop is that if you enlarge a picture on photoshop it will be pixilated where if you used Illustrator the image will be just as good as when it wasn’t enlarged. 

Development kits are used in the Games Industry because they are what you need to create a game, some of the most popular development kits are hammer, udk and xna. Hammer is sources sdk, this allows you to create games using the Source engine, since valve are so open with their sdk you can create your own levels for their games such as counter strike. A lot of valves biggest IP’s were originally made by using Source, Counter Strike, Portal and Team Fortress were all mods of half life using the Source SDK. UDK is the Unreal Development Kit, this which is pretty self explanatory is the Unreal Engine, it’s a free to use engine and lets you create games using the unreal engine, this engine is used a lot in the industry as well,more than source, source is mainly used amongst modders and you don’t get many ip’s apart from valves own games that use source, with UDK you can create a full game using that engine, a perfect example of this is Gears of War. Yes that is an epic game but it shows how powerful the UDK is.

Then we have XNA, XNA lets you create games for windows and for xbox, it lets you create your own games and upload them to the XBOX marketplace but you have to pay a subscription fee to do any of this. XNA isn’t used in the industry to make big A games. XNA uses C# to program the games and lets pretty much anyone with C# to create their own game and upload it to the xbox live community.

Also in the media industry Dreamweaver and Flash are used a lot, Flash is used to create small games used on the web, these can be put on to facebook and is a big player in the games industry. Dreamweaver is used a lot to create websites for the games and and for the games company and used all across the media industry.

This is my first design of my game case

This is my first design of my game case

This one i have made it more black, the colour can change depending on the artwork on the box of the xbox game. Out of all of them this is my favourite one and this is the one i am going to keep as my final logo design.

On this version i have removed the stroke, on this version i think it is too bright and is harder to read than with the stoke.

This is basically my new logo, this is currently the first variation of the logo, on this version i have put a stroke around the next but i am not too sure if that really works with logo.

Logo Change

During the production of my logo i decided to change my design to a more simple and minimal style, this is because the logo was looking rather poor, and quite tacky so it made sense to scrap the idea.

I’ve decided to go for a minimal approach because it looks more sophisticated and looks a lot nicer then a fancy logo.

Short Course, Logo Creation.

This is the logo i scanned into the computer, i have cleaned it up in Illustrator and I’m now starting to finish off the design

Concept Art

Basic Figures, Full, Profile and 3/4 views.


This is my logo design drawn bigger which i have then imported into photoshop to make it cleaner and finish off the design.